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NordCham Indonesia Members Benefit, membership list and pricing.



World-Class Indonesia Market Intelligence, Handbooks, Sector Reports, etc.

Monthly Roundtable Meetings, Online Business Briefings & In-Person Networking

Our Extensive Network of Friendly Nordic Peers and Indonesian Contacts 

Indonesian Gov't Engagement Through our Committees (NCSC & NCWB)






Reformasi Weekly: Best Weekly Indonesia Political, Regulatory, and Macro Updates

Produced by Indonesia expert Kevin O'Rourke since 2003, Reformasi Weekly is a premier service covering democratization, economic development & business conditions.
Contents feature original fact-based research and proprietary 'bottom-line' analysis, with a focus on forward-looking analysis of implications for investors & the international community.

Group Subscription for NordCham Members

Our group subscription provides access for NordCham members included in your membership. You also get access to our Monthly Live Indonesia Market Update and Ask-Me-Anything session with Kevin O'Rourke and his subscribers. Members may also submit research & market intelligence consultation requests.

The market price for the Reformasi Weekly access is US$4,000/year.

"Reformasi Weekly is the gold standard on Indonesian market updates.

It's packed with unique market insights you simply cannot find elsewhere."

Tim Polson, Business Development Manager - Klaveness Digital
Tim Polson
Regional Manager - Asia, Eye-Share


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Exclusive insights on business, economics, market, energy, and how political trends may affect regulations. Their articles are also improved with an extensive analysis of the news to guide in mitigating challenges and seizing opportunities. 

NordCham members get access to all D-Insights articles with a market value of $400


The Knowledge Database

Access to a library of curated reports, doing business in Indonesia handbooks, business opportunity reports, and past presentations by Nordic Trade Promotion offices and our Knowledge Partners.

Some examples of curated reports in the Knowledge Database below:



Doing business in Indonesia can be challenging.

Make sure to come to our events to meet like-minded Nordic business and government representatives that can help you maneuver the Indonesian business landscape.


Monthly Chatham House Rule Roundtable: 

This is a great place to increase your understanding of what's happening in the market and crowdsource solutions to your business challenges from a friendly group of Nordic peers and government representatives.

"Roundtable hosted by Wärtsilä Indonesia"
NordCham Roundtable hosted by Wärtsilä Indonesia


NordCham Sustainability Committee:

This is a great opportunity to contribute to the joint sustainability agenda of the Nordic companies in Indonesia. It is a platform where sustainability initiatives can be crowdsourced and a platform to proactively drive the sustainability agenda through engagement between Nordic companies, stakeholders, and the Indonesian government.

Sustainability Committee meeting hosted by H&M


Monthly NordCham Women in Business Committee: 

This a place for management-level women in Nordic Companies in Indonesia to share experiences and challenges of being a woman in business in Indonesia.

Vision: to position Nordic companies as: 

  1. Ideal employers - Increased diversity = Good for business
  2. Ideal business partner to achieve SDGs

Work Plan:

    • Focus on growing and empowering existing employees through mentoring, training, upskilling, etc.
    • Show potential employees the benefits of working in Nordic companies.
    • Media/PR, university outreach, social media influencers, etc.
    • Company commitments.

NordCham Women in Business Committee LaunchNordCham Women in Business Committee Launch



We actively connect our members to each other & to our wider Indonesia network at our events and by setting up lunches, coffees, and online introductions.

Networking Events

NordCham often hosts networking events, whether they be solo or in collaboration with other chambers of commerce. These events are great places to expand your network in the Nordic business community and the grander international business community in Indonesia.

Nordic After-Work Networking with Presentations

Several times a year we organize after-work networking events with presentations. These are a great place to expand your network in the Nordic Indonesian business community.

Screenshot 2020-02-17 15.45.29
Breakfast briefing with Mr. Ramda Yanurzha, Vice-President of Research at Gojek 



NordCham Sustainability Committee is our platform to engage the Indonesian Government. The aim is to take a leadership role in advancing sustainability actions in Indonesia by:

  1. Supporting the Government of Indonesia in reaching its SDG goals. 
  2. Sharing experiences and best practices on operating sustainably in Indonesia.
  3. Discussing ESG updates and Sustainable Development regulations​.


NordCham Women in Business Committee is a place for management-level women in Nordic Companies in Indonesia to share the experiences and challenges of being a woman in business in Indonesia. We hope to engage the government on these points:

  1. Ideal employers should increase diversity = good for business
  2. Companies become ideal business partner to achieve SDGs


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