NordCham Joins FinnCham Network: Pioneering Finnish Business Expansion in Indonesia





NordCham proudly announces its recent integration into the esteemed FinnCham network, marking a significant milestone in fostering Finnish business endeavors globally. This partnership brings immense promise and excitement, particularly as NordCham becomes the inaugural Finnish Chamber of Commerce presence in Indonesia.


With its robust network spanning 44 accredited Finnchams worldwide, the FinnCham network serves as a cornerstone for bilateral trade and investment initiatives. The network's overarching goal is to empower Finnish enterprises in their global expansion endeavors, providing invaluable support in navigating international markets.


Under the stewardship of the Finland Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Business Finland, and regional Chambers of Commerce across Finland, FinnCham orchestrates a cohesive ecosystem geared towards enhancing the competitiveness of Finnish businesses on the global stage.


From Asia to the Americas and now reaching Indonesia, FinnCham extends a comprehensive suite of services to its members. These include knowledge sharing, fostering cultural understanding, organizing impactful events and seminars, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing essential market intelligence to drive informed decision-making.


Furthermore, FinnCham's commitment to nurturing future talent is exemplified through its collaboration with educational institutions like Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Business College. Through internship opportunities at NordCham, students are afforded a unique platform to gain practical experience in a real-world business setting, supported by a generous grant totaling 9000 euros for a six-month internship.


As NordCham embarks on this journey alongside FinnCham, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome and exemplary initiation into the network. We firmly believe that collaboration lies at the heart of every great achievement, and together with FinnCham, we are poised to unlock boundless opportunities for Finnish businesses in Indonesia and beyond.


In conclusion, we eagerly anticipate the future strides and successes that our partnership with FinnCham will bring, firmly believing that all great endeavors are achieved through collective effort. Thank you, FinnCham, for an auspicious beginning to our collaboration, as we embark on this transformative journey together.


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