Business Implications of the Indonesian Election




NordCham and Mandala Consulting a pivotal event, "Beyond the Ballot Box: Business Implications after the 2024 Indonesian Election," aimed at fostering dialogue between the Nordic business community and Indonesian presidential campaign representatives. The event provided a unique platform for high-level executives from Nordic companies and Nordic diplomatic missions to engage in discussions, share insights, and raise questions regarding the forthcoming election's potential impact on business.


With limited seats, the gathering prioritized intimate exchanges and active participation. The agenda comprised various segments, including networking opportunities, opening remarks, presentations by campaign teams, interactive Q&A sessions and a concluding dinner.


Distinguished speakers illuminated the event with their expertise and affiliations. Thomas T. Lembong, serving as the vice-chair of the Anies-Muhaimin campaign team, offered insights into their proposed programs and strategies. Dradjat Hari Wibowo, representing the Prabowo-Gibran campaign team as an expert council member, provided a comprehensive perspective on their envisioned policies. Satya Heragandhi, an esteemed expert council member of the Ganjar-Mahfud campaign team, shared valuable insights into their vision for Indonesia's future.


The discussions were further enriched by the presence of Dr. Philips J. Vermonte and Dr. Rizki Nauli Siregar as the discussants, facilitating nuanced conversations and encouraging critical analysis of the proposed agendas.


The event's distinctive focus on comprehending the various presidential candidates' programs and their potential implications for business underscored its significance. By fostering direct dialogue and collaboration, "Beyond the Ballot Box" aimed to equip the Nordic business community with a deeper understanding of the Indonesian political landscape, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for the future.



The Nordic Indonesian Business Community